• In the next 14 days average maximum daily temperatures will be 28° which is very warm and perfect for sunbathing. The average water temperature will be 24° which is warm and pleasant for relaxing and swimming for long periods. There will be 9 days of very light rain with an average of 1.8mm rain on those days. Average cloud cover will be 40%.

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Beaches of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, the vibrant capital city of Queensland, Australia, is a hub for beautiful beaches and stunning island escapes. With its warm climate and crystal-clear waters, Brisbane offers a variety of beach experiences for travelers seeking relaxation or adventure. From sunbathing on pristine sandy shores to exploring diverse marine life while snorkeling or diving, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular beaches and islands in and around Brisbane.

Stradbroke Island, Australia

Stradbroke Island

Located just off the coast of Brisbane, Stradbroke Island is one of Queensland's most popular island destinations. Known locally as "Straddie," this picturesque island boasts pristine beaches with world-class surf breaks, as well as calm bays perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Visitors can also enjoy bushwalking through lush green forests or spotting native wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, and various bird species.

The climate on Stradbroke Island is subtropical with warm summers and mild winters. Average temperatures range from 21-29°C (70-84°F) in summer and 12-21°C (54-70°F) in winter. Rainfall tends to be higher during the summer months, but showers are usually brief.

The best time to visit Stradbroke Island for a beach holiday is between September and November when temperatures are warm yet comfortable, and rainfall is relatively low.

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