Beach Weather in Gisborne Region, North Island, New Zealand


Best Beaches Today in Gisborne Region, North Island, New Zealand

Best Beaches This Weekend in Gisborne Region, North Island, New Zealand

  • Today - Sunday the maximum daily temperatures will be 15° which is a little too chilly for sunbathing. Today the water temperature will be 12° which is very cold and bracing, it's not recommended you swim with out a full wet suit.

    Today, Sunday will have 0.1mm of very light rain.

    Expect plentiful sunshine and mostly clear blue skies with an average cloud cover of 27%.

Best beaches for the next 14 days in Gisborne Region, North Island, New Zealand

  • In the next 14 days average maximum daily temperatures will be 13° which is too cold for sunbathing. The average water temperature will be 14° which is cold for swimming, a full wet suit is required to spend any length of time in the sea. There will be 9 days of light rain with an average of 3.7mm rain on those days. Average cloud cover will be 55%.

Best Beaches


Beaches of Gisborne Region, North Island, New Zealand

The Gisborne Region on the North Island of New Zealand is an idyllic and picturesque destination for beach lovers. With its stunning coastline, diverse marine life, and warm climate, it offers a wide range of beautiful beaches and islands perfect for a beach holiday. This region is known for its sunshine hours, with warm summers and mild winters, making it an ideal location to visit year-round. Some of the most popular beaches in this area include Pouawa Beach, as well as other lesser-known gems waiting to be explored. Below, we will dive into some of the best beaches and islands in the Gisborne Region to help you plan your perfect beach getaway.

Pouawa Beach, New Zealand

Pouawa Beach
Pouawa Beach

Located just north of Gisborne, Pouawa Beach is a stunning stretch of coastline with golden sand and crystal-clear waters. It's perfect for swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing on the shore. The beach is surrounded by lush native bushland which provides a lovely backdrop while you soak up the sun or enjoy a picnic with family and friends. Although popular among locals, Pouawa Beach remains relatively uncrowded throughout the year due to its secluded location. The nearby Pouawa Marine Reserve offers fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and exploring diverse marine life such as crayfish, kelp forests, and various fish species. The best time to visit Pouawa Beach for a beach holiday would be during the summer months when temperatures are warmest and rainfall is minimal.

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Although there are several popular beaches in the Gisborne Region like Pouawa Beach mentioned above, there are also many lesser-known spots that offer equally amazing experiences for visitors seeking tranquility away from crowded tourist destinations.

Some other notable beaches and islands worth exploring in the Gisborne Region include:

  1. Makorori Beach: A beautiful surf beach located just north of Gisborne, Makorori Beach is known for its consistent waves making it a popular spot among surfers. The beach also boasts pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

  2. Wainui Beach: Just a short drive from Gisborne, Wainui Beach is another popular surf spot with consistent swells throughout the year. With its long stretch of golden sand and stunning views of the ocean, it's great for sunbathing, swimming or simply going for a leisurely walk along the shore.

  3. Tatapouri Bay: This picturesque bay lies east of Gisborne and offers excellent fishing opportunities as well as calm waters perfect for swimming and paddleboarding. Tatapouri Bay is also known for its unique reef ecology, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling and exploring marine life.

  4. Mahia Peninsula: Situated between Gisborne and Napier, Mahia Peninsula is home to several beautiful beaches including Mahia Beach, Blacks Beach, and Oraka Beach. These beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing or enjoying a quiet picnic with family and friends while taking in the stunning coastal views.

When planning your beach holiday in the Gisborne Region of New Zealand's North Island, be sure to consider not only the popular spots like Pouawa Beach but also these lesser-known gems that offer unique experiences away from tourist crowds. With warm weather throughout most of the year and an abundance of stunning coastline to explore, you're sure to find your perfect beach getaway in this beautiful region

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